I take and post a lot of selfies. As an avid Internet over sharer, I’m pretty sure it comes with the territory. I will literally take pictures of myself until my phone informs me that it’s storage is full and it physically can’t take anymore pictures. Then comes the hour-long process of choosing a picture in a slew of almost identical photos, applying Instagram filters (but ever so slightly, so I can’t still get away with using #nofilter…I read somewhere that it’s the most used hashtag to get likes…likes are v important), posting and then reminding myself of my downward spiralling self-esteem.

Actually, I make a lot of self depreciating jokes, but the reality is that I am learning to love myself, and that means that sometimes I genuinely think I’m the hottest shit to grace the earth. Selfies are, underneath it all, a way for me to love myself. They may not be entirely representative of who I am as a person, or how I look 100% of the time, but they make me happy. Do what makes you happy, seriously, who cares.

ANYWAYS! Here are some selfies.


The whole black and white thing makes me feel sophisticated AF…I guess.


I have gone through, am going through and will continue to go through a black lipstick phase.


I’m obviously trying way too hard, but it’s whatever.


I have a strong, passionate hatred for my profile, so I took a picture of it and put it on the Internet cause I enjoy the finer things in life.


Is this what Instagram girls do?



“But Katie, those are all very slightly different versions of the same picture”. To which I respond, yes, they are.

That’s all.


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