An introduction to oversharing

My name is Katie. None of that fancy Katherine, or Katelyn (Kaitlin, Catelyn, Caitlin Kate-lynn?), Katrina, Kathleen or Katarina shit. Just Katie. I think my parents were trying to be simplistic and somehow put their entire life’s aesthetic into the name of their only child, but I stand by the fact that pure laziness landed me half a name.

Anyways, my name is Katie, and I like to overshare on the Internet. I know what you’re thinking: people that overshare on the internet are insecure, annoying, attention-seeking losers with no sense of real purpose or fulfilment in their insignificant little lives. Oh, did you think I had a counterargument? No, you’re entirely right, I am entirely all of those horrible things, I just do my best to conceal them in public. It is for this reason that I’m limiting my obscene oversharing to the confines of WordPress, and not writing novels about my political beliefs on Facebook. I draw the line somewhere folks. I’m a classy, consequence-thinking over sharer. Jealous yet?

Now I, like you, have read many articles warning me of the dangers of oversharing. “You’ll regret this! The Internet is forever! You’re the worst possible form of a human being!”. But hear me out, because I think I’m on to something here. I’ve also read articles on the benefits of oversharing IRL. And I mean, how many people kept a journal just to have a scum of the Earth sibling rifle through it? The Internet is no less dangerous than the real, oxygen filled, socially terrible place that surrounds us.

Venting is good for your soul. I’m hopeful that putting my thoughts out into the open universe will help me chill out a little, and diminish the ulcer that I’m sure is festering inside me. So follow me on my journey through the good, shitty and generally mundane parts of my meagre existence (I’ll do my best to make it kinda funny). Or don’t, that’s acceptable, I’m not judging you. But let it be known that if you do, you will be learning far too much about me, and that’s the whole fucking point.


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